Friday, December 18, 2009

R*k changes -> evolution

Yo fellas-
Just wanted to drop in and say a little something about come changes we've made this year...the evolution of RIME, if you will. We're now shipping out the new batch of hats, so you should go check 'em out if you haven't already! We listened to what everyone had to say about em last year, and are stoked to tell you about what separates this seasons hats from last!

Rider Influenced Changes
We've kept the yarn the same thickness/coziness, and the hemp tags the same, but made some changes along the way...
- The new hats are a little bit shorter, and a little bit tighter fitting. Slightly less flop, with a tighter fit that'll keep em from falling down over your eyes when jibbin without goggs on...but still big and ballin'
- The elastic knit pattern around the base is thicker, so it'll grip your dome a littler better and wont stretch out as much over time
- The tags have more rhyming space / better rhymes! We really took some time to get some good, quality rhymes this season to keep you motivated and thinking..
- Tags have a #/50 printed on the tag, so you know just how limited your hat is, and that no one else has the same one...
Our Practice
This year, we really wanted to step it up and do more than we have been in the past...
- For every hat/shirt/etc we sell, we plant a tree - to regrow forests around the nation to help protect our mountains from erosion and keep our snowpack from sliding away.
- Through our partnership with various non-profit organizations, not only do we plant a tree for everything sold, but we're proud to say we're a carbon free business! Sort of a one-plus tactic to everything we stand for..
The Family
We're stoked to grow our family into different aspects of 'pow shredding'! We recently welcomed Leigh Powis to the fam, as well as fellow MT shredder Shane Stalling...(he rides on one stick). Check out and show maaad respek to the fam!

More Than 'Just Hats'
We've been crunchin hard to get you some dope new stuff this season! In the next couple weeks, we'll be releasing some limited edition organic cotton RIME*tees as well as some hemp bandannas to protect your face from the wind and cold. We've got some other big things in the mix too, stay tuned...

We've got some collaborative hats on the way that you're all gonna be reaaaaaally stoked on. Trust. They should be releasing sometime next week..

Check out the RIME*shop and browse through all we've got to offer!

Hope that you're stoked on this season of knits, and that everyone is out getting theirs!
Pray for snow, homies!

Now shipping!

Just sent out the first batch of pre-orders today...dem caps are looking gooOOooOOood!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

New hats!

Ahh, man, we've been busting our asses all summer long to bring you the new hats, and they're almost ready to go! just putting the final rhymes on the rimes at this point...lotsa stitching. I've got pretty raw fingertips from pricking myself with needles..

Its been tedious, but several hundred hats later, we're almost ready to go! They're available for pre-order right now on the site, and should be shipping out sometime at the begining of next week! Fingers crossed...

We switched up a bunch of the patterns from last year too, lots of crazy stripes and colors! We've also got some hand tye-died tags that really pop on a couple hats, like 'Mowie Wowie'...check em out and preorder yours to get em in time for holiday shreddin! Yeow!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Big Ups - The RIME*forest and you

We just finished up our first 'legit' season, and wanted to give a BIG THANKS to everyone and anyone who has helped support us this year!!

The RIME*forest:
With all your help, we were able to plant several hundred trees across the western US in places like Idaho, Montana, Colorado and more - all in forests damaged by fire and disease. That's a pretty sick thing to say cuz...skiing pow in the trees is AWESOME! Whew~!

THANK YOU to the homies, the RIME*family, the crew at PBP, everyone at NS, everyone who bought a hat and planted a tree - and even those who haven't! Big ups to the shred community in general, keep on doin' it for tha love!

We've got bigger and better things planned in due time, so if you haven't already, go on - check the RIME*

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Triple Threat World Premiere!

Yo everyone! If you happened to not make it to the EPIC world premiere of Contrast and Every Day is a Saturday this past weekend - it's alright. You may have missed a crazy night of pre-season stoke, but you can still catch the show!

Watch the whole night online at:

Keep on the lookout for RIME's throughout the night, and check out the rest of the stops on the Triple Threat Tour for your chance to cop a free hat of your own!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I heart Rime Knits

They are soooo cute, i heart one and you will be cute too.......

Thursday, June 25, 2009

the new site is up!

The new site is finally up, after a couple months of messing around in my freetime. There are still some pretty rough parts to it, but those'll all get fixed as we near the season!

We've got more pics, vids and other dope stuff coming your way soon, so hang onto yer butts!

Monday, May 25, 2009

New RIME*site for 09

Whew. I'm no genius when it comes to creating websites, so this recent makeover has been a doozy. Long nights, lots of trial and error...lots of cursing at my computer - resisting the urge to smack it to the floor, having learned from experience that it never helps anything.

Anyways, it should be up and running soon, bringing you more RIME*entertainment with less clicks of your mouse!

Also starting to work on the summer RIME*azine, should be dropping mid july/august...we'll see...


Friday, April 10, 2009

Old 'Word' Content

Here's some of the old content from the 'Word' section of the old site...for history's sake.

The Travelin' RIME*fam-
Well, for the past 3 weeks, we've been on the road from Idaho, to Montana; down to Utah and back. Woo hoo! Its been a ton of fun, we got some real epic footage from a bunch of different spots on the map. Luke summed up the trip pretty well for us:

"The trip was a blast, I met up with the crew in Whitefish after their shoot in Idaho.
It was my first time skiing Big Mountain and even though the weather didnt cooperate
with us snow-wise, we had an epic inversion the entire stay. After romping with the snow dinosaurs, we made our way down to Big Sky where we shot some park and had ourselves a grand old time in our complimentary on hill hotel room. When we all
recovered we stumbled down to Salt Lake City where we skiied Grizzly Gulch in epic a bluebird knee-deep fashion. After meeting up with Tim Durtschi we ended up building a rather infamous gap in which history has been made in the past. This
go-around proved to be no different as Durtschi stomped a rather impressive feat over the beast. Hint: it involves two and a half rotations...muwahahah" - L.Tanaka

*Lucas getting some of that Utah pow pow!*

*Durtschi after slaying the Pyramid*

Stoked on the caps!

:: As the hats have been going out, and the RIME*word has been spreading, we've been getting alot of feedback from everyone. Check it out:

"Suuuuper sick. I love the feeling of the material, super badass. I don't know if I've ever worn something so comfortable!" - Doug Bishop

Rimin' on the road

:: just after about a week of traveling, a couple OG's and the RIME*family have been cruising around the northwest and shredding crazy stuff all over. After a fun week in the backcountry of Idaho, we've crossed the border into Montana! shredding hard and gettin' footy, it sure has been fun. The Treeghosts here in whitefish are nutty! Some would even say they look like...

"Dinosaurs!" - L.Tanaka

The hats were doing their job wonderfully, people we're stoked:

"I'd say that like, this is the cradle of civilization for the RIME*species. This is their stomping grounds, they're totally in their element." - A.Chron

OG RIME*crew

:: Big ups to the OG RIME*crew, representing all over the map. from cali to coloRADo; deep rooted in Montana. Check em out on the Family page.

Snorkel Days

:: Alot of the northwest has been slammed by epic snow conditions these past weeks, and we made out REAL good at White Pass, WA! Something like 36" in 12 hours! talk about some deep pow, it was almost TOO much snow...almost. Every turn was a faceshot - it was epic.

Powder Testing Season!

:: We've got shredders from all over the map up on peaks all across the states, doing hours of rigorous testing in nipple deep powder! Its a tough job, barrelling through insane pow all day - but someones gotta do it. Turn for turn, these hats have been tested for fit, warmth, style and comfort with the same overwhelming results: these knits are DOPE!!

"Literally shredding 2 and a half feet of pow all day and never had to adjust my sh*t, nor get cold. They're warm as hell and keep your dome encased in a dry, happy cocoon!." - C.Collins

"Lookin' fresh whilst shraplin freshies." - L.Tanaka

"Ah, Brah! These hats are soooo cozy, its unreal. No matter how much pow you get yourself into, you never have to worry about your dome getting cold or anything!." - Misc. Shredder