Saturday, December 12, 2009

New hats!

Ahh, man, we've been busting our asses all summer long to bring you the new hats, and they're almost ready to go! just putting the final rhymes on the rimes at this point...lotsa stitching. I've got pretty raw fingertips from pricking myself with needles..

Its been tedious, but several hundred hats later, we're almost ready to go! They're available for pre-order right now on the site, and should be shipping out sometime at the begining of next week! Fingers crossed...

We switched up a bunch of the patterns from last year too, lots of crazy stripes and colors! We've also got some hand tye-died tags that really pop on a couple hats, like 'Mowie Wowie'...check em out and preorder yours to get em in time for holiday shreddin! Yeow!

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