Sunday, January 30, 2011


Reporting from the Wasatch Slackcountry, here is the last month of documented powder hunting up in Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah. Fun jibs and jumps in Grizzly and a few epic powder days at Alta.

Featuring a cameo by Witt Foster.

Filmed on Contour HD

Music: The Notorious B.I.G. - "Long Kiss Goodnight"

Friday, January 28, 2011

THC and Brady P

Check out the first episode of the THC show, presented by Inspired Media Concepts.  Highlighting Tanner Hall's return to skiing after two years, this shredit features some most righteous pow skiing, and features a couple shots from our homie Brady Perron.

Stoked that Tanner's back on sticks and getting after it!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Todd Kirby update

Found some good pow up at Hylite this week. Still shot from filming.

An edit i made of riding park back at home...Hyland Hills, MN

RevelStoked Part 2

The action continues from Revelstoke, BC with some epic skiing in some epic conditions. SemiFinals, etc. There is also about a minute of "blind" footage, during which my camera was snowblind, but the audio of the crowd after my run is pretty moving.

Filmed on Contour HD

Tor / Sufjan Stevens - "The Tallest Man / I Like It (ft. Grand Puba)"

Lutan Fyah - "Nuh Talk"

- Collin

Mr. Brown, down for the count.

So we had some extra passes to the local and notorious 'Trampoline Land' lying around the office, and one day a local Baker homie of ours, Keaton Brown, was in town getting some boots fitted.  We thought, "Hell, we got a couple hours to kill - lets go sesh some tramps and get stoked on this storm thats a brewin'!"  So we nabbed those passes and headed on down the street to get our bounce on.

Ended up getting there right as they opened for the day, it was literally us and two other people there.  We were stoked - jumping all over the courts, transfers between tramps, playing J-I-B on the padding and even learning some new dubs into the foam pit.  Life was good.  But as our session neared its end (literally in the last 30 seconds of it) Keaton went for a line he had been working on for a while, and had nearly perfected.  As the 'authorities' walked over to tell us our time was up, Keaton stomped a sick Rodeo 5 transfer off the wall...a little too hard.  Folding his foot in half, he heard a loud pop and instantly dropped.
So now he's out for a couple months with two broken bones and possible ligament damage, yet he humbly awaits his return to the slopes.  Ullr must have been pretty bummed on the injury too, because he quickly turned that '90 inch storm' that was coming into nothing but rain.

The good news is that before his injury, Keaton stacked some of the rowdiest Contour HD headcam footy from the two months of shred he was blessed with, and now has ample time to learn FCP.  Edit coming soon.

In the meantime, we stumbled upon some of these photos from an epic pow day from last season at Baker and thought we'd post 'em for for Keat.  Here's first chair, as always:

3 off a pillow.

Tree tap.

Lovin' these mid-week pow days!



Yeah, it was a DEEP day.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Face Mask Combo Kit

You asked, we delivered - a special deal on a hat/mask combo kit, now available in the Specials section of the shop.
*Quantities are extremely limited. Should we run out of a product before your order can be processed, you will be notified via eMail. We will either exchange the out of stock item for another of equal value, or refund your entire order.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Liam Downey's summer shred

Here's some eye candy from Liam, shredding up at Windells over this last summer.

How many Blunts could you find?!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Alien sounds

Brady Perron is out of this world, doing alien tricks with alien sounds.

pc@night? from Triceratops on Vimeo.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Rhymin' Skills

You may recall a little contest we did a couple years ago called the 'Rhyme for a Rime' contest in which hundreds of rhymes were submitted to compete for placement on the inside of our hats.  Some were good, a lot were aweful - it was a tough to narrow down the winner.  We ended up going with a rhyme by Matt Fry that you might recognize from the inside of one of your  knits...

"Drop the gun, stop the hate.  It's cheesey, but cheese is what made Mac great"

Well Matt just hit us up to let us know that he's been working on his rhyming game since then, and has released his first EP under the name The Philosofist titled 'One Love'.  It's got a dope beat and some fresh rhymes, give it a listen..

Some lyrical hot fyah!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Photo update: Todd Kirby

RevelStoked Part 1

Road tripped up to British Columbia for two weeks of skiing pow and competing in the Freeskiing World Tour at Revelstoke. We got hit with a nice storm while in Revy, fresh snow nearly every day for a week, making for epic competition conditions.

I logged a ton of footage from the trip, so I'm breaking it up into two parts. Part 2 will step it up, featuring Semi-Finals, some really amazing skiing around Revelstoke, and Finals.
- Collin

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Masks with Hook-ups.

  We're stoked to announce our newest addition to our line of Rime - Face masks!  However, these aren't just the standard issue bandana-style masks that you're used to seeing.

The masks are all made from a soft and comfortable blend of hemp and organic cotton.  They are also printed, dyed and sewn locally, with a tree being planted for each one sold.

These new lightweight designs are specialized for Spring and Summer riding - thick enough to keep any late season faceshots from choking you or getting into your jacket, but with enough breathability to keep you cool and protected from the sun all summer long.

Rime Face masks also feature an innovative way to secure your mask in place with the 'Rime Hook-ups System'. 
With these Hook-ups, there's no need to bite your bandana to keep it up or having to constantly re-adjust your 'face gear' every time you stop.  You also don't need to settle on the 'all or nothing' approach - relying on your goggles to hold up the mask or just letting it hang around your neck. Hook-ups allow you to set the tightness and positioning of your mask wherever you want it, wether its all the way up over your nose, down on your chin, or just keeping the 'ol neck warm. 

Not only that, but they do a great job of keeping your gear together should you find yourself tomahawking down a face that you really don't want to hike up to reclaim a hat lost in the madness.

Best of all though, they're very easy to use...
We're introducing 3 different styles of masks in a wide variety of colors and patterns, all equipped with Hook-ups.
Check 'em out in the Threads section of The Shop.  Enjoy!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

B&E show - The Medicine

Inspired Media Concepts dropping some hot fire tonight with the new B&E show, featuring B-Dog and e'Dollo.  Also featuring some truly progressive shred from our homie Brady Perron, slaying it all over the place.

Check the illness of this edit, taking skiing to the next level..

The Road Back to UT

After an extended stay in Montana for winter break, a broken collar bone and more down time than I may have needed, I returned to Utah today. Started out from Bozeman through Ennis but got sidetracked through Virginia City and Dillon because of drifting snow across the highway. The side-country of Montana is bleak but beautiful in its solitude. Stoked to be back in SL UT.

- Max

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Good to be back!!!!!!!

After 5 months of hard work, recovering from my second shoulder surgery, I am back on skis and starting to get my confidence back!!!!!! It has been dumping in colorado and couldn't have asked for a better early season!!!!!! More and better to come!


Trees for CR.

Last year, the snow community lost one of its greatest members in a tragic skiing accident.  CR Johnson wasn't just a phenomenal skier, but also one of the most honest and humble men to walk the earth.  What he left behind was more than just a couple shots in ski films - he left a legacy of progression both on and off the slopes, a classic role model for how one should live their life positively with respect for themselves and those around them.

To honor his passing we created a very limited hat in CR's name for the 2011 season, and gave it the very fitting title of 'The Lion'.  Each had a custom tag that featured noble lion looking over CR's name and the Rime script, with a series of uniquely wise quotes from CR on the inside of each cap.  Here are some of our favorites that we used:
"Take and advantage of every opportunity life provides."
"Every icy day, every pow day...every day is a blessing."
"Live your life, love your life.  Don't regret."
"When we can appreciate every experience for all that it is, we will never need nor want more."
And for the sale of each of these hats, not only did we plant a tree in forests damaged by fire and disease, but we donated all of our profits to The High Fives Foundation in CR's name.

We're stoked to announce that through the sales of The Lion - CRJ Tribute Cap, we've been able to donate over 650 dollars and plant over 40 trees to honor the life CR lived!  We'd like to send a big thanks to everyone who supported this cause and bought a hat, we're stoked to have done so well and we couldn't have done it without you!  If you're one of the lucky few that was able to nab one before they were gone, cherish it and wear it with's a one of a kind.

Today also marks a special day in High Fives history, as it's 1.11.11...a date containing five '1's.  The guys at High Fives have released a video for today and asked us to post it wherever we can.  Please, take a moment and watch the following video.

And feel free to head over to and make a donation of your very own!

Shred in Peace, CR.

Monday, January 10, 2011

First 720 at the FWT, ever.

After many weather holds, the main event at the Freeskiing World Tour went off today up in Revelstoke, BC and none other than Collin Collins was there to shred the gnar.  Despite being his first 'Big Mountain' competition, he managed to rip right through the qualifiers and make it into the event.  And when it came time to flex his sticks on the course, he didn't hold back when it came to busting out his signature cork 7 mid-line - the first 720 to ever be thrown in the FWT.

Vid or it didn't happen:

Big ups to Collin for pushing it the event and everyone out there!  Stoked for ya mang!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Collar bones and BC Photos

A couple weeks ago over the Holidays, our photog homie Max Lowe was out shooting with Shane at the Yellowstone club when...he broke his collar bone.  If you've ever broken a collar bone, you know its no fun.  We're bummed too, cuz Max takes some epic photos!

Just a couple weeks before that, he went out into the BC with Collin Collins and Brady Perron.  Nice little booter session with some handdragging here and there..

Collin and Brady

Air time:

Hand draggin' for days..

Prime sticker placement.

You can check out  more of Max's photos at his blog HERE.

Heal up quick buddy!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mmm...Frosty Greens

These are the last 3 we have left, who wants one?

Add a headband to that for a Combo Pack, you can get 'em in the Shop.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The White Wave

Here's an edit from Paul Braunstein with some BC Steadicam shots from last season...pow n' booters!  Some steezy riding from Collin Collins and Witt Foster, with camera moves to match.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

You never know til you go

These last 3 weeks have been clear, cold and some what stable. Most of the days started out to be cloudy but if you went out anyways you would get rewarded with blue bird. I tallied in some really good days. Brought my backcountry day count up to 30. Skied in 2 new valley, and got 6 new mountains under my belt. This whole time i would wake up in the morning stiff and tired from continuous days of hiking and say to myself you never know till you go. You never know what you are going to find or the skiing your gonna get into but if you don't go you won't find out.

Here is a taste of what we are getting into. Riding styles by me and ray reeves, deven williams, nick madison, david bacon and john barker

alright everyone this is josh randich signing out

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome Todd Kirby!

Earlier this season we welcomed Todd Kirby to the Rime Family, and the guys at TSP recently released his promo from last season.  We're super stoked to have him aboard, and can't wait to see some footy from this season!

Check out this edit:

Welcome to the fam, Todd!