Friday, April 1, 2011


...we had a couple brews last night and ended up sendin 'er pretty good.  After the car got towed, we found a chainsaw to play with - and thats where the blackout kicks in.  When we woke up this morning, this is what we found...

Looks like all those trees we've planted over the past couple years have been for nothing!  

So apparently we've got some making up to do.  We figured to help kick start that, we'd put on a sale for all of our remaining hats...only $ 17.95 for any hat and $ 10.95 for any headband.  Each order includes a sticker or two, and is shipped to your door at no extra charge.  And yes, we'll plant a tree for each one sold to make up for the old growth massacre that we partook in last night.

Check out our remaining supply here.
*Offer is good from the moment you read this until April 4th.

Bonus Trivia!  
Which of the following statements is a lie?
A. We drank some brews last night.
B. Our car got towed.
C. We cut down an entire section of forest.
D. We're having a sale.

First person to comment with the correct trivia answer gets a free headband of their choice.  And.....go!


  1. I'll take, C


  2. Congrats Tyler! shoot us an email at to collect..

  3. aww what bout the runner up??

  4. Rob, Colin and Nick (from facebook) runners up, you'll get a free headband with a hat order.

  5. word thanks guys. Ima buy a hat, but how do i get the free headband?

  6. C! What do i get?